The dNa-MonoCOMP is a very easy-to-use mono Compressor-Limiter with de-essing aimed at mixing.


• Remote controllable with midi
• New / Old style circuit topology
• Easy setting!
• Analog drive / Coloration
• Smart sidechain filtering
• 96kHz capable

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  • FF/FB/Ext: New/Modern Feed-forward or Old/Classic Feed-back topology as used in renowned analog processors PLUS External Sidechaining using our filters!!
  • SC Filter: smart sidechain filtering for enhanced and more musical compression. This MonoCOMP also has a de-essing filter (DS) which can be used to remove excessive sibilance from your source (S-sounds from vocals for example, hence the name de-essing)
  • Analog Modus: This gives the signal analogue modeled distortion/coloration which can add excitement to any signal. You can also drive the circuits more with this feature enabled. With this feature enabled the compressor will act as a BRICKWALL-LIMITER as well!
  • Easy setting: preset Attack, Release (also variable-option) and Ratio values
  • DynamicDSP: dynamic distribution of DSP power and functions which are not used are not loaded onto DSP’s for highly efficiënt DSP usage.
  • Phase Alignment Technology; the processed and unprocessed signal stay in phase in other words the bypassed plugin has the same sample-accurate latency as non-bypassed.
  • Remote controllable through MIDI: Control the parameters for example with an external midi-controller.
  • Automation of parameters through MIDI: When you custom assign the device parameters to midi-CC signals(just right click on a parameter), the device sends out MIDI signals which you can "record" in you sequencer, thus you can automate the device.
  • VU metering, PPM LED metering AND clip-LED for fast transients.
  • Large GUI with “analogue-style” big knobs and big meters (also more precise LED-meters), because big knobs just sound better, haha ;-)
  • Saves in screensets
  • Compatible with Scope software 5x and 4x
  • Compatible with all Scope hardware, PCI cards and Xite
  • 96kHz capable


Threshold: 0 to -50dBFs
Gain Makeup: 0 to +24dB
Attack: ± .1 ms to 35 ms (ultra, fast, medium, slow)
Ratio: 1.5:1 to 10:1
Fixed Release: ± 50 ms to 1.2s (ultra, fast, medium, slow)
Variable Release: 100 ms to 3.2s
SC-filter: No filter, HPF 1 (slight bass roll-off), HPF 2 (sharp bass cut-off), De-Essing (optimized filter for high frequency compressing)
SC-Mode: New / Modern feed-forward, Old / Classic feed-back, External Sidechain using our SC-filters
Analog: Enable analogue modeling distortion and coloration


The dNa-MonoCOMP will use roughly between 350 ~ 630 DSP cycles depending on settings on the old 60Mhz SHARC (older CW cards). (Max around 60% of one 60Mhz SHARC)

Version history/Change log:

-v1.0: Release, BUNDLED with dNa-StereoCOMP in MixCOMP-pack.
-v1.1: Added External Sidechain option.
-v1.5: Added tooltips; added saving of assigned midiCC
-v1.55: Enhanced GUI
-v2.0: GUI-rework and added Midi CC manager, saves midi assignments with preset

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