Loyalty Gift

dNa - Digital&Analog - DSP plugins for the Sonic Core Platform

For those of you who have supported us through the years and again with the Rack Release;

Here is a true dNa present intended EXCLUSIVELY for YOU!

The conditions for this FREE LOYALTY GIFT are as following:
if you have purchased at least three plugins(not three bundles) over these past years, including at least one of the Racks you are entitled to this FREE gift!

How to get a licensekey?

Contact GaryB through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and provide him:
1: Your order number for your RACK purchase (one or both racks)
2: If you have, the order numbers on your other dNa purchases, if you
don't have these anymore: the key(s) for your other dNa devices. (this could have also been a bundle!)
3: The request string from the Loyalty device
4: The HW serialno of your hardware

This is a check, since this release is intended for loyal dNa customers!
The release is up for download on our DOWNLOAD page.

One can never buy loyalty, but i can surely reward it!

Yours Truly,

 dNa-EffectRack; Because you want the greatest combined effects!

dNa-ChannelRack; Because your recordings deserve the best sound!

  dNa-Optimus Prime; Create great time-related effects!

  dNa-MultiCOMP; The dNa take on Multiband Compression!


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