dNa - Digital&Analog

DSP plugins for the Sonic Core Platform

"modelled with a passion for analog"

Happy tweaking; Sincerely, Ray

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 Feel free to download our XMAS freebees for happy tweaking in 2016!

-3 dec 2015: Update for Super8Tracker (v1.56) and MidiR (v1.01)
-24 dec 2015: Release MidiTools and updates for all plugins (x.55 releases)
-April 2015: Update Optimus Prime to v2.5! New unique features!
-Jan 2015: Release Optimus Prime & TapeEcho
-Prior to 2015: Release Patchbay as freebee with SC mailing
-Prior to 2015: Released our Classic plugin-bundles containing Compressors, an Equaliser, and a Mixer and Summer tool

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2016  dNa - Digital&Analog DSP Plugins for Sonic Core Platform